A note from The Foodbank’s President John F. Knapp

Dear Foodbank Supporters:

While much of the Country is beginning to recover from economic woes, there are still 501,000 unemployed people living in Los Angeles County who need healthy nutritious food for their families. I am asking for your support today to help fulfill the basic human right and need for nutritional food; it is truly a matter of survival.

For the poorest of the poor in Los Angeles County, continued unemployment is translating into food insecurity and hunger. This is especially traumatic for the hundreds of thousands of children whose parents have exhausted all available unemployment insurance benefits. While every American is morally offended by the existence of childhood hunger, few people see the tragic effects of this unnecessary condition;

girl eating banana • Hungry children are sick more often, and more likely to have to be hospitalized (the costs of which are passed along to the business community as insurance and tax burdens).
• Hungry children suffer growth impairment that precludes their reaching their full physical potential.
• Hungry children incur developmental impairments that limit their physical, intellectual and emotional development.
• Hungry children ages 0-3 years cannot learn as much, as fast, or as well because chronic undernutrition harms their cognitive development during this critical period of rapid brain growth, actually changing the fundamental neurological architecture of the brain and central nervous system,
• Hungry children do more poorly in school and have lower academic achievement because they are not well prepared for school and cannot concentrate,
• Hungry children have more social and behavioral problems because they feel bad, have less energy for complex social interactions, and cannot adapt as effectively to environmental stresses.

To help fight the battle of hunger in Los Angeles County, The Foodbank is providing highly nutritious food to over 600 community-based agencies that provide over 2,100,000 meals each month through both emergency and non-emergency food programs. High nutrient food is distributed at shelters for abused children and women, crises centers, day care centers for children and seniors, senior centers, emergency box programs, soup kitchens, and food pantries. Each month over 1,000,000 meals are provided to children.

The Foodbank’s primary goal is to prevent and alleviate the damage persistent hunger inflicts by providing access to healthy food choices. With your support our supplemental feeding program helps a child’s capacity to learn and perform in school, advances healthy aging and facilitates independent living for seniors, and lessens the daily burden of the working poor to choose between paying for food and other necessities such as utilities, housing, or medical care. Your support will provide highly nutritious food for the most vulnerable in our community.

One-time and recurring gifts will help fulfill the basic human right and need for nutritional food. We appreciate your consideration of clicking here to DONATE NOW or calling us at (562) 435-3577.

Thank you for considering the gift of life.

John Knapp, President

In-Kind Donations (donations of goods or services) Wish List


  • Cardboard boxes for repacking food
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Cleaning supplies (window cleaner, floor cleaner, & all purpose cleaner)
  • Paper drinking cups
  • Historical images of building site circa: 1912
  • High resolution digital camera
  • High resolution digital scanner
  • Copy paper 8 1/2 x 11 (white only)
  • Label maker for index files and folders


  • Newsletter and Annual Report graphic design
  • Printing of newsletter, annual report, campaign collateral materials as well as stationary, folders, business cards, and envelopes.
  • Shipping or freight service
  • IT Support