A note from The Foodbank’s CEO John F. Knapp

Dear Foodbank Supporters:

Thank you for your past interest to The Foodbank of Southern California. Community contributions of time, energy, and financial resources have made it possible for The Foodbank to provide healthy food choices and highly nutritious food to the community’s hungry children, families and seniors.

Today, I respectfully request your consideration of a donation to help in the battle against hunger in the community. Your support will make it possible for The Foodbank to continue providing its humanitarian food distribution programs for economically disadvantaged people who are in need of nutritious food.

Service Delivery Achievements:

girl eating banana • The Foodbank has been providing highly nutritious food to impoverished children and seniors since 1975, with a dominate focus on the “poorest of the poor” neighborhoods. This includes Downtown Los Angeles, Compton, San Pedro, South Central, Watts, and North Long Beach.
• Each month, 763 community-based organizations use food provided by The Foodbank to feed over 2.2 million hungry people through emergency and non-emergency food programs. 96% of recipients are from low-income/working poor families, while 65% are women headed households with children. There are still over 400,000 unemployed people in Los Angeles County, and tens of thousands more who are underemployed.
• This past fiscal year, The Foodbank distributed 41.1 million pounds of highly nutrious food, including 15 million pounds of fresh produce.
• The Foodbank has maintained the highest volume of distributed food per dollar of operating expense while maintaining the smallest full time staff of any metropolitan food bank in the United States. The Foodbank is operating at peak efficiency providing $28 worth of food for every $1 you donate. This figure is unprecedented and remains unmatched in food banking today. The National average is less than $9.
• The Foodbank maintains the Independent Charities of America “Seal of Excellence” for meeting the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

It is my greatest hope that you will consider a financial contribution to The Foodbank of Southern California. Your investment in The Foodbank will lighten the burden and bring hope, joy, and life to those in need, by fulfilling their basic human right and need for nutritional food.

One-time and recurring gifts will help fulfill the basic human right and need for nutritional food. We appreciate your consideration of clicking here to DONATE NOW or calling us at (562) 435-3577.

Thank you for considering the gift of life.

John Knapp, CEO

In-Kind Donations (donations of goods or services) Wish List


  • Cardboard boxes for repacking food
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Cleaning supplies (window cleaner, floor cleaner, & all purpose cleaner)
  • Paper drinking cups
  • Historical images of building site circa: 1912
  • High resolution digital camera
  • High resolution digital scanner
  • Copy paper 8 1/2 x 11 (white only)
  • Label maker for index files and folders


  • Newsletter and Annual Report graphic design
  • Printing of newsletter, annual report, campaign collateral materials as well as stationary, folders, business cards, and envelopes.
  • Shipping or freight service
  • IT Support