Needs - The Foodbank of Southern California
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A note from The Foodbank of Southern California CEO John F. Knapp

Dear Foodbank Supporters,

Thank you for your interest in The Foodbank of Southern California. Community contributions of time, energy, and financial resources help to ensure that no one in the communities and neighborhoods we serve goes hungry, not even for a single day. Today, I respectfully request that you consider a financial contribution to help The Foodbank battle three daily crises in Los Angeles County. These crises are called breakfast, lunch and dinner by over 1 million children, families and seniors facing hunger every day.

The Food Bank of Southern California Supporters

Community Needs:

More children are at risk of going hungry in Los Angeles County than in any other county in the nation. They live in predominately food insecure households; having less access to safe and nutritional meals, as well as food in general.

Most of these children live with parents or guardians who can’t afford balanced meals, or who skip dinner so their children can eat. The families may eat well for a while, but eventually they resort to less-nutritious or “cheap food” at the end of the month while waiting for a pay-check, food stamps or other support to come in.

In Los Angeles County, unemployment and poverty remain high. This translates to a high demand for nutritious food. Most of the families served by The Foodbank lack living-wage jobs that would lift them out of poverty. They need year-round access to nutritional, affordable food, in order to lead healthy and productive lives.

The availability of healthy food varies by neighborhood, with economically disadvantaged and racial/ethnic minority neighborhoods having little to no access to grocery stores with fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead, these areas are flooded with discount and convenience food stores.

The Food Bank Provides Healthy Food Choices

The Foodbank’s Response:

The Foodbank is committed to providing healthy food choices, and serves as a safety net for people in need.

The children, families and seniors served by The Foodbank receive highly nutritional food, completely free of charge, from one of The Foodbank’s 700+ Nonprofit Partner Agencies in Los Angeles County.

This makes it possible for those struggling to make ends meet to utilize their limited resources on other critical needs.

Action you can take:

It is my greatest hope that you will consider a financial contribution to The Foodbank of Southern California. Your investment in The Foodbank will lighten the burden and bring hope, joy, and life to those in need, by fulfilling their basic human right and need for nutritional food.

One-time and recurring donations to The Foodbank can be made in a variety of ways: go to the DONATE PAGE on our website and click the green Make A Donation button or send your check to The Foodbank of Southern California,1444 San Francisco Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813, or call us at (562) 435-3577.

Thank you for your consideration.

– John Knapp, CEO

In-Kind Donations (Donations of Goods or Services) Wish List


  • Cardboard boxes for repacking food
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Cleaning supplies (window cleaner, floor cleaner, & all purpose cleaner)
  • Paper drinking cups
  • Historical images of building site circa: 1912
  • High resolution digital camera
  • High resolution digital scanner
  • Copy paper 8 1/2 x 11 (white only)
  • Label maker for index files and folders


  • Newsletter and Annual Report graphic design
  • Printing of newsletter, annual report, campaign collateral materials as well as stationary, folders, business cards, and envelopes.
  • Shipping or freight service
  • IT Support